tile placement card game by Ryan Hackel, played with a Waterworks deck

Got a spare Waterworks deck laying around? Want to try something completely different from the standard Waterworks race game? Then this is for you. Needs 2+ players, 30-45 minutes, a big table, and something to keep score with.

"I can't help it, had to try it! Wow! What a cool adaptation! The pipes go in all directions, everyone gets to play off each others play and the scoring is unique and makes you think before you place."
~ Shaun Mather, BGG

"What an awesome idea!"
~ M C ("craniac"), BGG

"Have rescued my copy of Waterworks from the 'donate to charity' pile!"
~ Matt Harvey, BGG

"This is very interesting: a game based on the Waterworks deck."
~ Stefano Castelli, BGG



Shuffle the deck, including the valve and spout cards. Each player starts with three cards in hand. The top card of the draw pile is placed face-up in the center of the play area, to serve as the base card to build off of.


On your turn, play a card from your hand, if able, then draw a card from the deck. If you have a legal play, you must make one. If you are unable to play cards ('pass'), your hand size will be increased by one. If the draw pile is empty, then continue with the next player's turn.


When you play a card, you either add a card to the grid, aligning long side to long side and short side to short side OR you can overlay a card onto an existing 'leaky' card (even with another leaky pipe). Caps are never considered to be leaky. Each play must follow these constraints:


After playing each card, count up that play's score and add it to your existing total.

A scoring example is available on BoardGameGeek. (Be sure to read the image comments further down the page.)


The game ends when either of the following happens:
Play continues even if the draw pile is empty, or if there are no more places to connect to... just wait until all players pass in succession.


When the game ends, the player with the highest current score wins!


When a single play yields 15 points or more, give that player a wrench token. When a player has three wrench tokens, he or she immediately wins!
Revision History:

14 January 2008: Increased hand size from 2 to three. Removed 'empty draw pile' and 'no connections' game end triggers from list, as they just result in all players passing anyway. It even lets players with larger hand sizes play keep scoring for a few more turns.

11 December 2007: Created the game on vacation in California. Wanted to create a new game playable with a Waterworks deck. Played with several scoring rulesets looking for one that kept sprawl to a minimum and encouraged cool patterns. Came up with the wrench rule so that all parts of the buffalo got used, and to add an alternate victory condition.

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