Check Please
a board game by Ryan Hackel

In this cooperative board game, you are working at Verne's, the local restaurant that everyone heads to on a Friday night. You work with your fellow players as a team, winning or losing together. Can you serve customers fast enough to avoid getting too many complaints? If you do, you just might keep your job, for now.


I allow and encourage you to make your own copy of Check Please. It's free, go for it!

Here's some tips to make the task easier. The map file is a multi-page PDF. You'll need to assemble the map from the pages. Trim away the white margin around each image, then overlap them together, attach the seams with tape or glue, then glue the whole thing down to a big sheet of cardboard or foamcore board, anything large and stiff.

The customer tokens are simpler to make. Print them out on card stock, or print them out on paper and glue or tape them to index cards, then trim them down to size.

You will need to supply player pawns, a six-sided die (D6), and 30 tokens each in white, black, and red.

This game, like all games, is always a work in progress; I reserve the right to change the cards and rules as I see fit.

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Last Updated: 24 January 2011

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