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Ryan's Video Game Stuff
custom levels for Half-Life, Starcraft, and Lode Runner 2

Half-Life: The Bottomless Pit

Back in 2001, I made this map for Half-Life. It's a multiplayer map meant for high body counts. If you still play classic Half-Life, help yourself to this ZIP file, power up your Gauss Gun, and get ready for a long freefall.

DOWNLOAD: Bottomless Pit.ZIP, (146 kB)

Lode Runner 2 maps

Lode Runner 2 is a nifty puzzle game. It's better as a co-op challenge, but I also enjoyed the deathmatch version. Here's three levels I created expressly for screwing your buddies. Help yourself to the ZIP file containing:
* Cornered: a tricky level with toggling bridges
* Incendiary: a level made almost entirely of bombs
* Q-Bert's Ruins: a jungle homage to the classic arcade character

DOWNLOAD: LR2maps.ZIP, (21 kB)

Starcraft: King of the Hill

Starcraft is a game that needs no introduction. I made this level in 1999, as a challenge to see who really can handle their logistics chain. Are you used to having all the time and resources you need to build an uber-army? Then you will hate this map.

DOWNLOAD: KingOfTheHill.scm, (58 kB)

Last Updated: 29 December 2009

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