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Pirates of the Cerulean Seas
a Pirates of the Spanish Main reference by Ryan Hackel

When the Pirates CSG debuted in 2004, it was a very simple and straightforward hybrid of a CCG and a miniatures game. Over the last two years, Pirates has evolved into a far more complex game, with each new set adding new mechanics, abilities, and new unforeseen combinations. Just as in CCGs, the cumulative range and intricacy of card effects continually increased over time, thus requiring a comprehensive rules document such as this. Wiz-Kids has declined the initiative to create such a document, instead opting to scatter the games rules among different expansion pamphlets and online FAQs. I have pooled together the collective rules from the base set Spanish Main to the recent Davy Jonesí Curse, along with the latest FAQ (dated Dec. 2005). I have envisioned this work to be a reference for experienced gamers, those with familiarity to the basic Pirates rules. Much of the text in the document has been taken verbatim from the official rules, but I have clarified the language where I have felt it necessary. Feeling that Pirates shows signs of being an incomplete game design, I have also taken the liberty of adding some favorite house rules of my own, including campaign rules.

Disclaimer: Pirates CSG designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker. Pirates of the Spanish Main ©2004-2007 by Wiz-Kids, Inc. All Pirates CSG material is a trademark of Wiz-Kids, Inc. This document is a work of fan interest only, with no intent to defraud or profit from the copyrighted materials of others.

Download the Pirates of the Cerulean Seas PDF, (196 kb).

This project is still a work in progress; I reserve the right to update it as I see fit. But don't worry. You can keep with the project's development by revisiting this website. If you do download a copy of the reference, please leave the filename as is. This will help you know if your copy is the latest version.

This aid does not include Mysterious Islands, Frozen North, or Ocean's Edge. Please yell at me if you would like those included as well. I've been meaning to do it for some time, but explicit demand for an update would get me moving faster on it.

Last Updated: 12 October 2007

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