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SuperDuperGames ~ Aaron Dalton launched this online gaming site in April 2005. It's a great site for turn-based games within the play-by-email paradigm. Many abstract strategy games here that you've never heard of, most of which are worthwhile. ~ a massive online database on almost every game ever made, and a trove of ratings, critiques, and resources.

Warriors CCG ~ My old website, founded 2001, dedicated to my Warriors CCG. I stopped updating the site years ago, and it's listed here for completeness' sake only.

The Icehouse Wiki ~ A fan-run site for Icehouse games. I've contributed quite a bit there. (I'm an admin for that site.)

Generatorb ~ an abstract by Tim Schutz, of which I designed the alternate victory conditions.

Pierre Canuel's game design site. ~ He and I play games at SuperDuperGames. Pierre's designs are a mix of theme and abstraction, though I've only played one of them, Macadam.

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever been, work for or officially represent any of these sites.

Last Updated: 27 October 2008

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