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Ryan's Icehouse Stuff
Crafts and Projects for Pyramaniacs

Volcano Board

I made a Volcano board, based on the deluxe Kadon boards sold by Looney Labs. But mine is double-sided... 5x5 on one side, 6x6 on the other. With the same board you can play Volcano or MegaVolcano! And it's made with craft foam, so it's cheap and lightweight.

The second board is similar to the first one. The grids are cut from the leftover tile sprues from the 2008 Avalon Hill edition of Acquire. I couldn't resist putting these 1" grids to a new use. They are glued to both sides of matte board. I like the stiffness it has over the foam board, but I wish I had reserved room for a wider border around the grids.

Chocolate pyramids

This is my wife's doing. She pours melted milk chocolate into an upturned 3-pointer, freezes it, and the result is this choco-mid!

The 8-pip pyramid

Based on this article, I made a PDF of twin 8-pip pyramids. If you print out this document, make sure you turn off your PDF reader's AutoMargin. If you don't, it will kindly shrink the document size down about 1/4" on each side, and your 8-pips will be smaller than ideal proportions. As a stickler for accuracy, I can't let that happen, so be careful!

DOWNLOAD: 8pip.PDF, (8 kB)

Last Updated: 9 March 2009

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